February 7, 2018

You can never own too much pink, right?  I’ve been super into laying the same colors on top of each other lately, and     River Island helped me in doing it with the perfect touch of bubble gum pink.  I have some pants the same pink color..I was so close to just going all out with the pink..but I decided to refrain..for today (:

Jo and I live at the movie theater..partially because there’s nothing else to do in this town..but also because we just love movies!  The latest one we just saw was 12 Strong.. & WOW it was incredible!  Definitely recommend it to anyone!  Jo & I will be headed to Los Angeles this weekend on a wuick business trip, but I’m SURE we will find some time for play (:  I’ll keep you guys updated & post a recap on here! Love you guyssss xx


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